4 Smart Devices Your Pet Will Love to Use

Are you a pet owner looking for tech solutions to make your fur companion’s life easy? Or do you want to monitor pet activity or provide physical/mental stimulation opportunities for your furry friend? In either case, you can search for intelligent and pet-safe electronic gadgets online.

Even while many high-tech pet gadgets available in the market are labeled “Pet safe”, they can still be harmful in more than one way. For instance, your curious pet may ingest batteries or other tiny components of a broken interactive toy, slide over a treat mat, or hurt itself while slamming a slow feeder on the floor to access all food at once.

As a pet parent, you might already know nothing can be tagged pet safe when you have an unpredictable pet racing indoors. This is one reason you must consider buying a pet health insurance policy. There are several cheap pet insurance providers, so finding an affordable policy must not be challenging. Plus, you can quickly sign up for a pet policy online and avail of discounts too.

While you search for the best-fit pet insurance plan, read this article to learn some of the popular electronic tools made for four-legged friends.

1.Smart door

The usual reason for installing a smart door is to protect the home from scary intruders. However, what we are talking about is a digitally operated pet door. Whenever your furry pet wearing the smart key (paired with a specific door) on its collar tries to get through the smart door, the door’s inbuilt tech will read the unique radio frequency emitted by the smart key and unlock it so your furry royalty can get in/out.

Also, the door shuts whenever the smart key signals go out of range. When you have more than one pet at home, this tech can be of colossal help. For example, you can allow your kitty cat access to the outdoor litter box while keeping your pup indoors, or you can permit your pupper some private time in the backyard or garden while the kitty cat stays in, etc.

2.360-degree laser toys

Laser pointers are considered to be one of the cat’s favorite toys. All you can do with traditional toys of this kind is point the colored laser beams on the wall or other objects. However, the 360-degree laser toy is unique in the sense that it can automatically rotate, has timer settings, displays various laser light patterns and colors, and essentially provides your fur ball hours of recreation and physical activity.

3.Treat dispensing toys

Several treat dispensing toys are available in pet stores, shopping marts, and online. The most common ones are interactive and require your pet to accomplish particular goals before a treat is given away. Also, some treat-loaded dispensing toys hand out one or two delectables at regular intervals or when outer and inner chamber holes align. These toys can be undoubtedly boring, even if they shower your fur baby with some treats now and then.

4.Cat litter robot

This is one of the simplest robots, aimed at achieving litter cleaning objectives. With this cat-friendly tool in your household, you may not need to scoop things out from the litter box again. This robot detects your kitty cat’s entry and exit times, and once your munchkin leaves, it starts a clean cycle. It will wait until the litter clumps, then sieve the cat waste and drop it in a compartment below. And you humans can empty the container once or twice a week.

Technology is constantly evolving and has been consuming human lives for a few decades. It has also managed to deeply penetrate the pet supplies market. Smart devices for pet use have been a rage among pet households in the current times.

However, with every technological advancement comes a risk, which is why pet parents must guard their fur babies against even the so-called safest pet product. Pet health insurance can be of immense financial help during pet accidents, injuries, specific illnesses, dental issues, health emergencies, and more. If you are looking for an affordable policy, explore cheap pet insurance plans that can support your fur baby with basic health coverage.

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