Do you like nail art? How much do you know about nail art? 

Do you like nail art? How much do you know about nail art tips? After reading this article, you will become a nail professional in seconds! Let’s take a look at galglitter

A nail polish color with the principle 

Asian skin tones are generally more yellow, so be careful when choosing nail polish colors choose gray and yellow nail polish because this will make the skin become dull. If you are a mature and dignified woman, you may want to choose pure white and silver nail polish to make a French manicure, which will give an elegant and beautiful feeling. Gold, red, purple, and other colors have a thicker and more luxurious texture; when attending some important dinner and social events, you can choose such colors to match the gorgeous evening dress, which will make you more eye-catching and dazzling. And office workers or students should choose a steady, natural color, such as nude pink or light pink. 

Second, the correct steps to apply nail polish. 

1. Wash your hands first and disinfect them properly, then use a sanding strip to fix the shape of

your nails. 

2. Apply a layer of calcium base coat on the nail surface. 

3. Apply a small amount of nail polish to the tip of the nail and then to the opposite side of the tip of the nail. 

4. When applying nail polish, flatten the brush slightly and press the brush head slightly. 5. Apply the left side of the nail first, then the right side of the nail. 

6. Apply the second coat of nail polish in a thin layer. 

7. After applying nail polish, if more excess nail polish spills out, you can use a cotton swab with a little nail wash to wipe it away. 

8. Finally, apply a layer of glossy polish and leave it to dry. 

9. Apply finger edge polish to the nail edge to moisturize. 

Third, How to make nail polish last longer? 

First of all, you have to treat the dead skin on the nail edge before nail art. And nail polish should be applied at least two times. The brush head of nail polish should avoid being crushed appropriately. When finished applying nail polish, keeps the nail surface clean; finally, after applying nail polish, apply a final coat of nail polish. This way, you can try to keep the nail polish for a longer time. 

Four, how to avoid nail polish pigmentation 

Firstly, you should always use a nail polish primer between nail polish applications. Secondly, use high-quality nail polish. 

Third, it is best to let the nail polish fall off by itself or cut it off and use less nail shampoo. Although some nail shampoo will be very little damage to the nail but do not use it is the best. 

Fourth, if there is already pigmentation, you should keep your nail polish off for a while so that it will slowly recede on its own. You can often rub some nail polish during this time, which will help

a lot. 

Five, How do I take care of my nails in general? 

Before trimming the length of your nails, you should let your fingers soak in warm water. You can place a few fresh lemon slices in the water to soak out the dirt from the nail crevices to soften the nail skin after drying your hands. Use an orange wood stick to gently push on the soft skin and massage gently. Clean around the nail with a nail brush to remove any soft skin flakes that have been removed. Then dip your fingers into a basin of water and rinse them off while brushing. After drying hands, apply moisturizing oil cream and massage repeatedly for 2 minutes with thefinger rotation method. Finally, use cotton dipped in alcohol to wipe the surface and the inside of the nail. 

Six, the classification of art nail art 

Artistic nail art is divided into five categories 

1, nail pen drawing is the use of special nail pigments on the nail surface depiction and illustration. 

2, nail painting, with nail polish and dual-use nail art pen, on the nail surface to draw simple and beautiful patterns. 

3, nail spray painting, with airbrush and special airbrush pigment, on the nail surface to spray a variety of gradient color effects. 

4, patch nail, is the use of special nail glue, the full paste or half paste nail pieces on the surface of the nail, so as to become a slender nail shape; the disadvantage is that the breathability is poor. 

5, crystal nail, with crystal powder and crystal liquid to make a beautiful nail shape. Seven, the basic products of nail art 

Nail art generally needs to have the following 13 kinds of nail supplies and tools to assist, respectively: nail clippers, nail files, soak hands bowl, finger skin softeners, dead skin stick, dead skin pliers, dead skin fork, nail massage oil, polishing file, base coat, nail polish, polish and nail piece.

Eight, the shape of the nail trimming skills 

Square nails: Generally speaking, square nails are more personalized and fashionable and not easy to break, loved by professional women and white-collar workers. 

Square nails: Square nails are straight at the front and sides, with rounded contours at thecorners, giving a soft look. For women with long, thin fingers, the square shape can make up for the lack of nail shape. 

Oval nails: Oval nails have an oval shape from the free edge to the front of the nail, which is the traditional oriental nail shape. 

Pointed nails: Pointed nails are more likely to break due to the small contact area, and Asian nails are thinner and not suitable for this nail shape. 

Nine, how to choose nail polish color according to skin tone 

Dark yellow skin tone women: suitable for pink-orange, pink, rose, apricot, orange coffee color; not suitable for the purple color. 

Reddish skin tone women: suitable for light orange, light pink, light brown, pink purple; not suitable for too red color. 

Wheat skin tone women: suitable for nude, apricot, off-white color, bright colors that can form a strong contrast with the skin. 

Fair-skinned women: suitable for any bright colors, such as pink, red, orange, pink-purple, etc.; not suitable for too dark colors. So much, how much do you remember? If you need related products, please contact the staff of galglitter supplier, our products are sold in many countries.

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