When Should You Consider a Dental Implant?

There can be many reasons for tooth loss. A dental implant is a common remedy for them. This process consists of an artificial tooth root placed in the jaw-bone, which creates a solid foundation and structure for a replaced tooth. Dental implants are different from other teeth replacement treatments. It replaces both the tooth and root. 

A dental implant comes with several aesthetic benefits. It also plays a vital role in your overall oral function. The process is supported by a healthy bite, keeping all teeth nicely placed and shaped. A healthy jaw-bone is complimentary with that. A good dental structure gives you more confidence and makes you feel better about yourself. Let’s check when you should go for a dental implant? 

Missing Teeth

You no longer have to feel ashamed of your missing piece of teeth. Dental implants Scarborough offers you a solution. A dental implant fills in the gap between teeth and naturally looks like before. Now it is more vibrant when you smile. 

Lost Dentures or Loose Partials

Many people suffer from loose dentures and partials. It’s shameful if patients have to experience so despite options like dental implants Scarborough. Dental implant treatment can fix dentures. You need not feel conscious all the time if the dentures fall out while you are talking or eating. Implants give a pretty natural look that appears exactly like your own teeth. 

Infected Tooth

Your teeth require oral care, maintenance, and daily hygiene. An infected tooth can either be saved or pulled out. If the infection is deep and the tooth can not be saved, it may be the right time to opt for a dental implant. Once your dentist removes the infected tooth, the dental implant will act as your new tooth. The new one will be strong and durable, just like your own teeth. 

Deteriorated Jaw-Bone   

If you have had missing teeth for a while now, the jaw-bone may have begun to deteriorate and recede. That might cause you to miss the proper facial shape. Implants are directly done into the jaw-bone. It prevents further recession. Over time, implants stabilize your jaw and stop all other oral issues from continuing. 

Sinking face

If you notice that your face has a caved-in appearance, you could likely benefit from dental implants Scarborough. A sunken-in skin occurs when there is a case of bone loss due to missing teeth. Dental patients who wear dentures have this problem in common. Dentures don’t support bone growth as implants do. That means the bone continues to recede. 

Bottom Line   

Anyone with either of the mentioned problems should consult a learned dentist for proper treatment. Dental implants are very popular because of their satisfying results and high success rate. Recommend your friends and family to get their oral health checked. Suggest to them a dental implant if they have any such similar problems. 

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