Creative Design Ideas For Your Electric Plugs

Electric plugs can ruin the visual appeal of a particular area if it is not designed correctly or properly concealed. Unfortunately, many electric plugs cannot be covered, leaving behind an odd impression of your overall design appeal inside the house. 

This is where designer wall outlets step in as a reliable measure to preserve the interior design of your abode! These outlets help you match the vibe and enhance the visual appeal of the space.

However, the confusion around selecting one can be real. Therefore, to give you an idea, here are some of the examples of creative design of the electric plugs:

  1. A plug table: It is a table that plugs directly into the wall, which hides the point effectively. The only disadvantage of this is that there is a probability that the plug would not be able to hold the amount of pressure exerted on the table. 
  1. Hang-on outlet: They help you reduce the consumption of energy. Even when we don’t use the appliance, keeping it plugged consumes power. The hang-on outlet makes unplugging a lot easier as the cable doesn’t hang around, and plugs can rest in a proper place. 
  1. Folding plug system: The folding plug system has two cylindrical pongs that go into the slots and a body that pivots behind them. When they are in line, there is no current supply to the device. 

Additionally, when rotated at an angle of ninety degrees, it is flush with the wall, and a red label is revealed, which shows that the current is flowing through it. It is usually for laptop owners to carry their laptops without worrying about the plug taking up too much space. 

  1. Rambler socket: It is a socket with an in-built extension coil inside the wall. It is best used for plugs that are located in inconvenient locations. It is ideal for appliances like vacuum cleaners. 

The extension cord would come out with a gentle tug, containing 1.5m of extra cabling. You can put back the cable by tugging one more time, resulting in recoiling. It is the perfect option for those who don’t like the wires of extensions hanging out. 

  1. 360 electrical: It is an innovative design of electric plugs where the plug can rotate 360 degrees. It solves various problems like low voltage and other plugs that don’t have enough space in the conventional duplex outlet. 

This allows larger plugs to fit that won’t usually fit conventional plugs. So, it is no more a worry; you can rotate the pin and then use it. 

  1. Donut powerstrip: These are one of the most travel-friendly sockets. It solves the problem of insufficient power supply that travelers face while using bulky instruments. 

The donut power strip is compact in design and size and minimal in design. It is almost the same as the 360 electrical because, like the 360 electrical, it ensures that one can utilize all the points. 

  1. Light wall socket: It is a creative designer wall outlet that helps raise awareness to use environmentally friendly things. It looks like an ordinary power plug, but on plugging in, it lights up to show that the current is being consumed. It reminds people that they must use it as long as they require and then switch it off on time. 


We have discussed all the designer wall outlets that you can opt to hide your wires and keep your spaces clutter-free while using most of the area and reducing the consumption. With this, we hope you make the most of your space, without compromising on the quality of your interiors. 

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