Can You Wear Your Dentures All Day?

Dentures can make a difference for patients with missing or broken teeth, allowing them to eat, talk and smile in their relationships and improve their quality of life.

Beautiful dentures can be the difference between remembering to hide your teeth, and making your life more enjoyable with a beautiful smile. Beautiful and comfortable dentures might make you believe that you can wear them every day. But you shouldn’t fall into this habit.

Wearing dentures 24/7 is a bad habit that can lead to unhealthy side effects affecting the health and life of your teeth. Let’s talk about some of the real reasons why wearing dentures every day is not a good idea.

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Unhealthy Tissue

Beware of the presence of germs and odor formation if you are still wearing your shoes for weeks and do not take them off to allow your skin to breathe. The skin on your feet needs air circulation to stay healthy. The same technique applies to the tissues that make up the oral cavity. Soft tissues that are normally covered with toothpaste and not exposed to air are bad and pose a risk to airborne bacteria and pathogens.

Denture Stomatitis

Denture stomatitis is a disease of the oral mucosa. It occurs in the areas that cover the teeth and causes tissue swelling. Burns of tissue, redness, or swelling can also be accompanied by severe burns which make it difficult to wear teeth.

This condition is caused by the growth of yeast and bacteria that thrive in a dry, dark place. People who sleep with their dentures in their mouths are more likely to have high levels of proteins produced by white blood cells, which leads to yeast infections and inflammatory responses. Sensitive diseases are known to weaken the immune system, causing the body to become infected with other diseases.

Breathing Problems

Mouth and throat infections caused by bacteria in your teeth during sleep can cause colds, including pneumonia. Wearing teeth around the clock increases the risk of life-threatening pneumonia compared to people who have their dentures removed while sleeping.

Lack Appropriate Care

People who wear their dentures around the clock often spend less time washing and cleaning them than people who brush their dentures regularly. The teeth are covered with bacteria and plaque that must be removed daily. If not completely removed, plaque produces tartar loaded with toxic substances. Oral care is important for extending the life of your dentures. Tartar, once formed, hardens and is very difficult to remove. Having your dentures removed allows you to spend more time caring for your teeth.

When Should You Not Wear Your Dentures

There are many situations when you should not wear dentures. A few are briefly described below.

While sleeping

Wearing teeth 24/7 can lead to bone loss and illnesses that affect overall health. In some special cases, teeth are not designed to be worn regularly.

Dental Pain

Continuing to wear your dentures while they are causing sore mouths can do more harm than good. Pain and soreness are signs of a problem. Contact your dentist as soon as possible to resolve the problem.

Poor Fit

If you have to use too much denture adhesives to hold it together, it isn’t a good fit. Now is the time to see a specialist to have your dentures replaced with a new one.

As you can see wearing dentures all day is not a good idea if you want yourself and your dentures to stay in good condition. If you are looking for great quality dentures in Ottawa, you can always visit our clinic for the best treatments.

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